• Author
    "Veiko Vahtrik I Timo Titma
  • Location
    Alliku village, Saue municipality, Harju county
  • Area
  • Year
    year of completion 2025


The Monolith is characterized by its monumentality and minimal but powerful shape. The building appears to be put together from large stone blocks stacked on top of each other. The Monolith is timeless, solid and pure.

The site is situated on the border of Metsavahi district and the Harku forest and is also cover with a dense forest. Therefore the shape and location of the building is carefully chosen to minimize the impact on existing trees and greenery. The large stone facades form a surprising and sturdy backdrop between the tall pine trees as if a large bolder sitting in the forest.

The façade facing the street is kept extremely simple highlighting only the pure volumes of the building. The main entrance is subtle and partially hidden while also remaining spacious and ceremonial. The gym and wellness wing of the building creates a private courtyard which opens up to the garden and the evening sun. The other side of the courtyard and terrace is bordered by the living room which features a double height ceiling and a large glass wall facing the forest. The second floor is more private and tranquil with bedrooms and bathrooms. The overhang of the second story creates a covered outside living space and an outdoor kitchen.