VNDL ARHITEKTUUR OÜ is an architecture and design company based in Tallinn, Estonia. Our team is committed to architecture that provides our clients a cohesive platform to build a successful project. From our creative concept through an idea, space, building and masterplan, we cultivate our projects based on both a larger vision, concrete need and objective to be adaptable to natural systems and the surrounding environment.

There is no one-size-fits all approach in architecture. Every project needs to be designed and respond to its very unique context: purpose, site, climate, budget, materials etc. It is of vital importance that these buildings, wether its someones home or office, school, hospital or supermarket, and in turn the environments they form and the neighbourhoods and cities they are a part of, are designed to be the best possible building for their specific context, use and the people who use them.

However, the future is changing fast and even the most accurate predictions can be made redundant by a sudden advance in technology. To ensure we don’t contribute to a waste of materials and investment that is no longer sustainable or appropriate in today’s world, we work hard to develop strategies that not only anticipate the future but also contribute to the positive changes of the future.

Creating value in this time of change requires new skill sets and the ability to mediate different worlds. Designers either respond to the community with their work or they shape it, dictating the environment. We believe it is better to observe, reflect and work with the particular social or natural phenomenon rather than to force it. VNDL architects are fighting for a better and cleaner planet.

VNDL architects are approachable and thriving based on the long-term relationships we have built with our clients. We address our projects with professionalism, clear communication, and flexibility that responds whole-heartedly to our clients’ needs and contexts.