• Author
    Timo Titma
  • Location
    Leppneeme village, Viimsi municipality, Harju county
  • Area
  • Year


Villa Klint with its strong and simple form. The building consists of three moving volumes, which are like shifted plateaus - the floor area, the window-wall area, and the roof area. Since the surrounding environment has a lot of stone and sandy surfaces, and there are large boulders by the sea, the architectural vision was to imitate this and blend the building into the environment. The tonality of the building is grayish and in dark tones. The gray facade part is a so-called protruding layer, with the black cladding and glass being the same but disappearing between the layers.

Leppneeme residential area is located in Viimsi parish, in a seaside area where the client's property is purchased. The property offers excellent views, with its relatively private seaside beach and the nature that comes with it.
The designed architectural building is intended to serve a family who prefers a comfortable coastal lifestyle and a low single-story volume. It is a well-designed building with a simple shape that accommodates all the necessary desires on the ground floor.

Typical of the northern coastline, the building volume is like a plateau that opens to the sea side with its protruding roofs and terraces.
On the street side, the house has a simple and slightly intriguing closed but airy facade. In this case, it was possible to play with the shape of the building thanks to the detailed plan. On the street side, the building's facade has a very small visual footprint, as the shape of the building narrows there. The well-being of the neighbors has also been considered, as the building has not been built as a two-story structure, which would have been possible according to the detailed plan. The neighbors also retain some sea views. This house is designed as a win-win system.