• Author
    Timo Titma I Rait Põllumees I Ats Allikmaa I Peeter Schmidt I Olari Tiidus I Külli Kübbar
  • Location
    Lubja village, Viimsi parish, Harju county
  • Area
  • Year
    year of completion 2024


The planned residential building is located in Harju County, Lubja village, Viimis municipality. The building is going to be designed as a single storey, according to the client's request. In addition to our recommendations and vision, we planned a house that would fit the plot under the Viims pines. The house flows with the landscape, including the designed landscaping boxes which alternately play with the landscape. The whole building is very light abundant, thanks to the large windows and high ceilings.

The building is divided into three blocks, which forms a U-shape for the building. An office, garage, storage room, utility room, sauna room, shower room and anteroom of the sauna are located in one block. In addition, there is a corridor and a toilet. The second block contains the heart and life of the building - hallway, wardrobe, utility kitchen, pantry, kitchen, living room, kitchen island and dining table. The living spaces are open to a large courtyard thanks to doors that open along the entire wall. The outdoor area has a covered seating area.

The third block has a quiet part - two bedrooms for children, with their own bathroom. In addition, there is a parents part, which has a bedroom, a wardrobe and a bathroom. All rooms have a view of nature.

Since the clients have a very good sense of architecture, their building could be offered a very correct, minimalistic and festive appearance.

The facade of the building uses profiled facade panels, aluminum ribs, dark natural wooden planks, concrete and stone. The shades have been kept in similar tones to avoid losing the minimalist look. The less the better in principle.

The entire ribbed part of the building is illuminated from the back, giving the building a projecting, concealing and also festive layer.

Thanks to the cooperation with the interior architects of Aeris OÜ, we got a building with an architectural language that works both externally and internally. This is due to similar visual handwriting and perception.

INTERIOR: AERIS OÜ I Aet Kiivet I Kätlin Ölluk