• Author
    Veiko Vahtrik I Timo Titma
  • Location
    Metsakasti village, Viimsi parish, Harju county
  • Area
  • Year


The site is situated at the border between a natural forest and a residential area. The complex consists of two buildings, a separate garage and the private house, which encircle a large pine tree greeting everyone entering the house. The garage sits near the street allowing for more privacy in the yard and in the main building. The entrance to the house (together with technical and housekeeping rooms) is located at the northern part of the building which leaves the southern side for the open living room and sauna complex. Both living room and the sauna lounge connected to it open to the sun-facing terrace which is partly covered by the overhanging second story enabling some shade from the sun and rain. The living room features partially a high sloped roof which visually connects both stories. The second story is more private with bedrooms and a bathroom all accessed from an open gallery. The northern façade is more closed and private while the southern side features large windows opening towards the garden. The façade is covered with dark grey wooden siding  making the house appear smaller and blending it in with the forest background. Dense pattern of wooden slats adds character to the façade and also acts as a barrier for the French windows. The outdoor bollard lights guide towards the main entrance and recessed lighting under the awnings illuminates the terraces.


Private house has gross area of 280m²

Auxiliary building has gross area  of  43.5m²