• Author
    Heleri Koltšin I Timo Titma
  • Location
    Lai street, Pärnu city, Pärnu county
  • Year
    year of completion 2023


The apartment building is characterized by an elegant and fine architectural line, with high floor-to-ceiling windows and a terrace, which is reachable on many sides. Similarly, the height and elegance has been added to the interior as well.

The 2-room and 3-room apartments are intended for renting out. Consequently, the choice of materials must be practical, durable and of high quality. The floors of the apartments are covered with large tiles, which has a luxurious appearance and resembles a marble pattern.
The apartments are designed in the same interior architecture language, and techniques have been used to identify the client's wishes.

The interior architectural concept for guest apartments is intended to balance the luxury reflected in the architecture, with simple and practical materials, natural and raw aesthetics as well as minimalist design. In the interior, it is intentional to leave visible the natural concrete ceilings, concrete walls of the living rooms, and posts adjacent in the terraces. The light-colored interior is accented by black window frames, lights, plugs and switches, as well as black electrical cables on the concrete walls and ceiling.

The construction structures for the frame and walls are covered with a painted MDF board, which remains visible when combined with special furniture. This direction in the interior helps to achieve a reasonable use of materials and avoid unnecessary double layers. According to the need, the material can be finished with varnish or resin, to preserve the natural appearance and ensure durability. The painted MDF look matches the concrete and balances the luxurious flooring materials.

The exterior doors and windows of the apartments are finished with black color. To achieve the whole and add a minimalistic accent, the plugs, switches and lights are also black. The interior doors of the apartments are solved with hidden frames and covered with an MDF board.

The kitchen, dining table, living room TV stand, bedroom shelf, nightstands and wardrobe, as well as hallway wardrobe and shower room furniture are equipped with custom made furniture. In the bathroom, the equipment is installed inside the wall. Washing machines and other necessities are hidden, which is solved with built-in cabinets.

The 3-room interior solution have been solved in a similar way.