• Author
    Veiko Vahtrik I Timo Titma I Marek Soop
  • Location
    Metsakasti village, Viimsi parish, Harjumaa
  • Area
  • Year
    year of completion 2024


The planned house is located in the middle of the plot in the north-south direction, according to the building area specified in the detailed plan. The layout of the complex, consists of an auxiliary building and a main building, creating a larger and more private courtyard area in the western part of the property, which is also open to both the evening sun and the forest view. The lower southern block of the building hides the view and noise from the railway side, but still allows the southern sun to shine into the courtyard.

In the case of a building with a modern architectural language, the main shapers are long sloping roofs, which create a varied and articulated building volume. The separated building volumes of the main building and the auxiliary building form a single ensemble and are connected by a canopy. The facade facing the street is presentable and private. Larger glass surfaces open to the courtyard, where you can step directly onto the terrace through spacious sliding windows.

Presentable and time-lasting materials are used in the exterior finish. The building is designed mainly in dark colors, thereby visually reducing its volume. The main material of the facades is clinker brick in anthracite color, accented with thermal wood and facade tiles. A black steel sheet with a rolled profile is used as a roof covering.

When arranging the rooms, emphasis has been placed on spaciousness, views and light, the creation of long corridors has been avoided. The entrance has been placed between two buildings and is covered with a canopy. Through the hallway you can directly access the spacious kitchen-living room. In the southern part of the first floor, there is also a large bedroom and on the other side there is a sauna. An L-shaped staircase located directly at the entrance leads to the second floor. On the second floor, under the pitched roof, there are three smaller bedrooms and a separate bathroom.

The auxiliary building consists of two rooms: a garage and a hobby room. There is also a low attic above the garage.

To increase the energy efficiency of the building, the heated volume is kept as compact as possible. In addition, attention has been paid to cold bridge-free solutions, air tightness and the possibility to make maximum use of solar energy. Natural light enters the building through spacious window surfaces.

INTERIOR: AERIS OÜ I Aet Kiivet I Kätlin Ölluk