• Author
    Timo Titma
  • Location
    Rahula, Saue parish, Harjumaa
  • Area
  • Year


The fluidity and the location in the middle of the forest are the main features of this project it was a property, which immediately gave us a clear vision of what could be suitable for it. The so-called flowy forms are more viable and natural.

The building had to be located on the property in a way that the natural environment wouldn’t get ruined in the process. You are a part of nature without doing too much to it. The building’s planned with a large open atrium, several bedrooms, a large open kitchen, a living room, and a home spa. The building is compact in size and not the largest, but we managed to fulfill quite a few client's wishes. The barbecue area and outdoor garden are located a little further from the house, a long corridor with a roof leads to it. The seating area can also be used in winter and early spring, as the room is equipped with heat radiators and surrounded with a sliding glass section.

Our wish was to solve the seating area differently so that it would not look like a so-called remote terrace, which would look unnatural and uncomfortable. So we came up with a design that gives the impression of sitting in the middle of the forest. It’s also far enough from the main house, so the two will not interfere with each other.