• Author
    Timo Titma I Külli Kübbar I Marek Soop
  • Location
    Spithami village, Lääne-Nigula munisipality, Lääne county
  • Area
  • Year
    valmimise aasta 2025

The location of the designed building is in Spitham village, Lääne-Nigula municipality, Lääne county. The planned building has a simple form and an architecture suitable for the given area. The building is planned for the property according to the weather map in such a way that the form with a broken line allows to make maximum use of the movement of the sun in the resulting semi-enclosed south side. 

The building is designed with load-bearing walls made of light blocks. Vertical wooden planks are used in the exterior finish for the walls, and profiled sheet metal is planned for the roof finish. Architecturally, the building is designed has the characteristics of farm architecture, a simple building with a modern architectural language.

Farm architecture is  simple  in the area, our approach is  slightly different with larger glass surfaces and a more spacious layout has been designed. The building is quite simple in shape, two volumes with gable roofs are joined at the corner, the south facing terrace is covered by an extensive canopy. The southern side of the building is designed to be as transparent as possible, using large window surfaces to create closer contact between the occupants of the building and the surrounding nature. 

It is a residential house / cottage, the room program of which corresponds to the necessary rooms intended for this purpose. 

On the first floor there is an entrance hall, a kitchen-living room, two bedrooms, a utility room, sauna with a shower room,  and two toilets. On the second floor there is an auxiliary room, in front of the sauna room there is a balcony connected to the air space of the first floor. In addition, a utility room with access from outside . The cottage is on the property- east-west direction. The car parking area is designed - north of the building. The road to the summer house runs through the existing high greenery, being located on the north-western side of the property. 

ORDERED: ARCHITECTURE / Building construction