• Author
    Timo Titma I Illimar Truverk I Patrick Barbo I Are Altraja
  • Location
    Tartu county, Elva city
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The aim of our design was to offer the best solution for the health center complex in Tartu to create a modern, architecturally high-leveled and well-functioning sports complex, that would be energy efficient and economically sustainable.

The center is inspired by the integration of nature and functionality. The building is functionalist to emphasize the activities inherent in sports. The center has a simple architectural language it’s charm and appearance are shaped by the surrounding environment and natural peculiarity. It is landscape-conscious and every detail performs a specific function, such as "dzott-like" gleams in the toilets. The whole complex is inspired by the dualism of body and mind, which unites people and the resources at their disposal to achieve a common goal.

The building reflects all the qualities that are also characteristic of sports - symmetry, focus and determination. The less artificial materials we have around us and the better we perceive our closeness to the earth, the easier it is to be focused on our main goal   to achieve results. In sports, a liberating environment is needed to achieve goals, for example a place that would help us to forget our everyday routine, both digital and urban noise, and the hectic pace of life. Thus, according to the sport, a suitable solution has been found between the goal and the available resources. For example, the shooting range is surrounded by symmetry to represent it’s targets and to symbolize determination. In other words, the complex takes full advantage of the environment.

The open and natural environment and the common goal of the visitors make all parties equal. The human-environment-sports synergy creates a willingness to work together in a friendly way, but also reliability and a positive emotion for all visitors to the sports complex.