• Author
    Timo Titma I Külli Kübbar I Tõnu Leinbock I Heleri Koltšin I Timo Kaus
  • Location
    Kose parish I Harjumaa
  • Area
  • Year
    year of completion 2022


The planned residential building, sauna house and auxiliary building are located in Harju county, Kose parish. The designed buildings are similar in appearance and will appear as a unified architectural whole.

The residential building is the largest of the buildings, both in the terms of volume and building surface. The sauna house is similar to a residential building in form, but the auxiliary building differs from both forms, although it has similar architectural details and finishes. All of the building's load-bearing walls are designed with  concrete blocks. Both vertical and diagonal wooden boards are used for exterior finishing. In addition to wood with variations, the facade is also illustrated by a metal grid in front of larger windows. Due to its location, it is designed to shield additional heat from the sun. The metal grid is automated and can be changed according to the owner's wishes. The buildings have a similar shape architecturally, but they differ in size. Instead of the existing simple farm architecture, more architecturally modern forms have been designed, which form a unified whole.

Buildings with similar exterior finishes and architectural language combine together into an unified ensemble. The emphasis in the residential building is on space and extra light, so the windows in the external walls are large enough to provide daylight and scenic views.

ORDERED: ARCHITECTURE / constructional engineering / InTERIOR DESIGN / project management

The sauna house has a gross area of ​​116.5 m²

The residential building has a gross area of ​​329 m²

The auxiliary building has a gross area of 156.5 m²