• Author
    Timo Titma
  • Location
    Pirita, Tallinn, Harju county
  • Area
  • Year


The designed private house is located in Pirita, Tallinn. What makes the property special is its very interesting location - with very sloping/uneven terrain and a view of the Tallinn city skyline and Tallinn Bay.
The clients wanted a building with main views towards the sea, providing sufficient privacy and having living spaces throughout the house while still being spacious. Since the plot is quite uneven, a sauna block was designed on the ground floor, along with a SPA area, hobby room, storage blocks, technical room, etc.

It is possible to privately access the outdoor terrace from the sauna block, which is landscaped, has seating areas, and is hidden from the street view. The outdoor terrace is connected to the yard area via stairs leading to the ground. The terrace part of the sauna block is oriented towards the evening sun, as the main direction of the entire building is set to enjoy summer sunsets. The entrance to the house is from the north, with a ceremonial canopy and a grand balcony layer, along with a long introductory path. On the first floor of the building, there is a garage, necessary rooms for a separate apartment/house block - living room, kitchen block, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Additionally, there is a wardrobe area, wine cellar corner, etc., serving the upper building volume. The main living rooms are located on the second floor. The living rooms on the second floor offer a view of the entire Tallinn city skyline, which would have been a shame to miss on this plot. The second floor has a living room/kitchen, reading corner, children's play area, several children's rooms, office room, master bedroom, wardrobe, separate bathrooms, etc. The roof of the building is planned to have seating areas, a jacuzzi area, a grill area, a living area, and possibly an outdoor bar area, etc.

The building itself is visually in a new functionalism/futuristic style. Ideological elements have been taken from both functionalism and futuristic machine lines.
Since the plot had quite restrictive volumes due to the detailed plan, all the wishes written in the client's brief were still packed into the building.