• Author
    Timo Titma I Veiko Vahtrik I Marek Soop
  • Location
    Loksa city, Harju county
  • Area
  • Year
    year of completion 2024


The client's family had a definite wish to get a solution for a detached house with interesting architecture, on their newly acquired land in Loksa – which has a great view of the sea. The clients have a great sense of architecture and interior design, so it was not necessary to make very big compromises between the original and the final sketches of the building. The building retained its distinctive architectural language with a rising line. All views of the house are oriented so that it is possible to enjoy the sunlight all day long. Additionally we designed multiple seating areas as well an infinity pool in the terrace, in order to maximize the full potential on this great location.

To enjoy the sea breeze, we designed sliding doors for the majority of the house in order to have as much openness as possible. In the evening, it is possible to enjoy the sunset behind the sea, all of which can be observed directly from all living areas. On the street side, the building has a very modest impression and maintains a very aesthetic and calm line. The client was very inspired and wanted to add all kinds of luxuries, which will make a house by the sea a real villa.