• Author
    Timo Titma, Illimar Truverk
  • Location
    Hiiumaa, Kõpu parish
  • Area
  • Year


In this project, the client wanted the building to be black, because they have other similar accommodation facilities as well, where they have used black as the main color. The building was planned in Hiiumaa, under the beautiful pines on the west side of the island.

The first version of the spatial plan consisted of three blocks. The first two had a part of the dwellings a bedroom, an office and a laundry room. In the middle was a kitchen and terrace area with a large glass section, which can be kept closed in winter and open in summer, overlooking the nearby forest. The building's layout moved the sauna and sauna lobby to the third block. There’s also a technical room and other service rooms which are necessary for an accommodation facility.

The main feature of the project was to create a different "feeling of luxury" when entering the building. The client, who is well aware of architecture, emphasized very clearly that an aesthetic look and solid line must be maintained. We achieved this in cooperation with our partners.